Essential Onboard Computing (OBC) – when you don’t need the whole enchilada

We’ve spent a lot of years developing some pretty advanced fleet management systems for both large and small waste management organizations across North America. It’s safe to say that we have some of the most technologically advanced and feature-rich systems in the market today.

But not everyone needs a full blown system.

Some of our customers wanted just a sub-set of our system for some of their less demanding fleet needs. This made a lot of sense.

Waste fleets are more than residential waste collection trucks. They can also include transfer, delivery, roll-off and supervisor trucks. All of these are part of a fleet organization and need to be connected to the back-office at all times. While they may not need a full-blown OBC system, they still want essential fleet management capabilities for improved accessibility, productivity and sustainability.

FleetLink Lite

A solution for just the essentials

So we developed a more affordable and compact solution that would address these needs and integrate with legacy systems, existing back-office solutions and onboard scales.

We’re proud to introduce Fleetlink Lite – an all-in-one onboard computing (OBC) platform that delivers essential fleet management functionality in a compact and affordable package.

Under the hood

FleetLink Lite is a new generation 7” mobile OBC terminal with touch screen. It includes FleetMind’s award-winning core capabilities with real-time vehicle telemetry through the truck’s CANBUS and seamless integration with the back office. Featuring an Intel® ATOM Z510PT based platform , FleetLink Lite is a high performing system loaded with GB Ethernet, CAN interface, multiple wireless technologies and a Windows 7 operating system. Its sturdy die casting and ruggedized chassis ensure uninterrupted functionality in a wide range of temperatures. FleetLink Lite is also suitable for harsh environments that are subject to shock and vibration.

What you get 

With FleetLink Lite you can improve productivity and profitability with important elements such as electronic run sheets, service verification, real-time vehicle tracking, reporting and alarms. FleetLink Lite can also connect easily to onboard scales and will integrate readily with your existing back-office system.


  • Designed for drivers
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Improved communications capabilities
  • Real-time accessibility
  • Go paperless!


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Martin Demers  

 Don Diego Padilla II
 VP Customer Development 

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