Implementing a fleet management solution – think small

That’s right. Think small.

You’ve done your research, you’ve selected a fleet management system vendor and you’ve purchased a new fleet management solution to help you run a better, smarter and more cost-effective fleet organization. Your vendor has just deployed the system at your facilities and in your trucks.

Now a vast array of potential features, functionality and benefits awaits you.

Where to start?

This is where the “think small” part comes in. While your new system may have dozens of key capabilities – the reality is that these will overwhelm your team if you try to implement and launch them all at once.

For optimal results, start small with a phased approach as follows:

  1. Pick just TWO key objectives (for example, to improve fuel efficiencies and improve safe driving results).
  2. Baseline these two objectives so that you can easily measure their progress.
  3. Designate an implementation team for the two objectives (team lead, driver liaison, IT resource etc.)
  4. Identify the reports required to drive and measure each initiative.
  5. Train staff on how to use the tools and reports.
  6. Launch!
  7. Schedule regular meetings to monitor results and adjust as required.
  8. Once staff has comfortably implemented the functions and have made them part of their daily routine, repeat the entire process with two new objectives.

Ideally, you should easily be able to roll out two new objectives every 2-3 months.

By thinking small, you will affect real change and improvements in a lasting and effective manner.

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