Kimble Recycling & Disposal Highlights Safety and Customer Service

Based in Dover, Ohio, Kimble Recycling & Disposal (formerly J&J Refuse) is one of the largest independently-owned refuse carriers in Ohio.  Kimble delivers dependable, cost-effective and environmentally responsible waste management services to residential, commercial and industrial customers in 20 counties in eastern Ohio. Kimble also collects and transports recyclables to a clean material recovery facility to be processed for re-use.

As part of their ongoing drive for operational excellence, Kimble turned to FleetMind for a fleet management solution that would help them improve their overall fleet operations. Specifically, they were seeking to:

  • Reduce overtime
  • Enhance route optimization
  • Improve customer service
  • Improve safety initiatives

PC Scale Tower™ Integration

First and foremost, Kimble needed a fleet management solution that would integrate and work seamlessly with their back-office PC Scale Tower™ solution for roll-off routing management and billing.

FleetMind integrated readily with the PC Scale Tower™ software to exchange work assignment and real-time status updates. All daily operations are managed cleanly from inside the existing Kimble Recycling system. Routes are pushed to vehicles on PC Scale Tower™ screens. Having easy access to accurate vehicle and route data makes it easier for Kimble to manage overall fleet operations.

Improved service verification

Kimble understands that knowledge is power when dealing with the inevitable customer service issues and inquiries.

The company’s management knew technology could give them an unparalleled view into all aspects of a vehicle’s daily route and activity.  Kimble uses their FleetMind solution to verify each vehicle’s stops, its real-time location and progress, and whether or not the driver will need help to complete his route on a timely basis.


The FleetMind system records time stamps of events such as gate crossings, when a customer serviced, the duration of the service stop, the timing of the delivery to the landfill or transfer station, and any downtime periods for breaks or lunch. It also records any stops that were not serviced, the reason for this and, if required, photo evidence of why the driver was unable to complete the service call for issues such as blocked access or other impediments.

Real-time visual tracking

Kimble wanted to ensure real-time communications and visibility – at all times.

They installed FleetMind onboard computers in every truck which are connected to the truck’s electronic control modules (ECMs). GPS connections, a driver interface and cameras were also installed. The FleetMind system is connected from the vehicles to the Kimble back office systems where it enables the company capture everything that is happening with the truck, including driver behavior, truck diagnostics and service specifics – all in real-time.

Enhanced safety

Safety is a top priority for Kimble Recycling & Disposal.

By using the FleetMind system, managers now have a clear view into all driving activity to mitigate potentially unsafe driving habits and to respond more effectively to complaints from the general public. All departments have access to centralized fleet safety data for a completely transparent representation of the fleet’s safety performance.


Using FleetMind’s FleetMap, Kimble managers can further reconstruct the route taken by a driver on any given day, verify any deviations or unscheduled side trips, and view alarm criteria, such as exceeding a specified speed limit. This lets Kimble determine how their vehicles are being handled, monitor driver speed in relation to speed limits and plot locations of alarm occurrences. The FleetMind cameras also provided added safety features to drivers by giving them greater visibility when backing up.

More sustainable/efficient operations

Kimble understands that driver behavior is fundamental to ensuring high levels of fleet efficiency.

By using FleetMind technologies, they are able to make their drivers more aware of efficient driving techniques.  Even the most fuel-efficient vehicles will perform poorly with an inefficient driver behind the wheel. Real-time monitoring of driver behavior and driving patterns allows Kimble managers to influence and educate drivers on more fuel and emissions-friendly driving approaches.

“With FleetMind, we can close the gap between our vehicles and our office operations. We are more communicative, responsive, transparent and informed. This makes us safer, greener and more productive.”
Keith Walker, Controller
Kimble Recycling & Disposal

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