RFID Technologies for Automated Garbage Collection

RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technologies are now gaining ground in the automation of garbage collection and the management of individual carts and customers.

Using RFID tags, each garbage can or cart can be associated with a specific customer address. Drivers can quickly verify cart specifics by scanning these with handheld devices.  Inventory management capabilities can update backend databases in real-time on service or replacement and repair requirements.

With added GPS capabilities , fleet operations personnel now have real-time visibility into truck location and activity, can verify service accuracy, and can quickly identify carts that have been moved or stolen, or require servicing. Individual customer information – from damaged carts to insufficient cart capacity – is easily captured into a centralized database. This further ensures immediate and accurate information for billing processes.

RFID-enabled cart management systems generally work as follows:

Carts are associated to each customer with RFID tags and GPS geo-coding positioning.

  1. The information thus captured is fed back to the back office/dispatch system.
  2. The back office dispatches a designated customer route to a truck.
  3. The truck implements the route and the lifts are confirmed automatically when the on-board system reads and recognizes the garbage cans collected from their RFID tags, thereby automating the service verification process.
  4. For exceptions, the driver can send messages to the back office to advise Sales of new customers not indicated on the route, or Maintenance of any carts needing repair.
  5. After each stop, the confirmation data is sent immediately to the back office allowing customer service representatives to respond to customer inquiries or complaints with real-time data.
  6. Repairs and replacement data can be dispatched to the cart delivery handheld for Maintenance to repair and replace carts as needed with a “maintenance route”.

The RFID-enabled cart delivery and management system:

  • Updates delivery specifics and associated billing information in real-time
  • Enables process improvements and cost savings through automatic asset tracking
  • Ensures 100 percent visibility into cart or container usage
  • Requires no operator intervention

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